Merry Christmas to most and Happy Holidays to the rest.  Me, I’m an agnostic, but I always mark solstices and equinoxes as the hinges of the year, especially having reached an age when there won’t be all that many more for me to celebrate.

I’m 13,000 words into a new Dying Earth novel, untitled as yet, that follows on from the events of A God in Chains, which by the way has racked up more five-star ratings than anything else I’ve done.  It features Lieve Reder, a minor character in AGiC, the first mate of a riverboat who became captain.  I’m sending her on a quest, though I haven’t quite narrowed down what she is to find or why.

In January, I’m going to self-publish another Dying Earth fantasy, The Ghost-Wrangler, that I finished this year.  I sent it to a couple of publishers that had open submission periods, but got no joy.  It’s the life story of Galabras Nachecko, a necromancer who is conscripted to be an agent of the Duke of Golathreon and then becomes a diplomat.  It has, of course, mystery and intrigue, true love, a nasty thaumaturge, and a hungry pelerin.

So on we go.