Looks as if I’ll be starting the new year on a promising note.  I’m going to make a deal with Pulp Literature Press, an up and coming Canadian small publisher, for my big historical novel, What the Wind Brings.

This is a big deal for me, in that the novel is pretty much a life’s work.

It’s based on incidents I first heard about in 1971 or 1972, as a footnote in a university textbook.  The core gist:  shipwrecked African slaves melded with the indigenous peoples of coastal Ecuador in the mid 1500s, and together they fought the Spanish colonial power to a standstill, to remain independent, basically, for centuries.

After more than forty years of thinking about the story, I was lucky enough to receive a C$25,000 Canada Council grant to write the book.  I did five drafts, which is three more than I usually do.  It’s a hell of a story,  my magnum opus, the one I want to be remembered for.

We’re probably looking at a summer 2019 release.  I’ll keep updating on the process and trying to stimulate pre-orders.  As I say, it’s a meaningful event for me — not financially, but in terms of my being able to think I’ve done something worthwhile.