With the pandemic coming on and countries shutting down, and my wife and me in rural France, I booked tickets on a WestJet flight back to Canada for March 24th, the earliest flight available.  A few days later, I read on the CBC News site that WJ had abruptly canceled all flights after midnight on March 22nd.

When I saw that, I asked my wife, whose credit card we had used for the booking, to see about getting the money back.  But the bank said WJ was contesting any refund, saying their terms and conditions required them only to provide us with vouchers on future WJ flights.

But the bank also confirmed that the airline had taken the money only after the cancellation. 

WestJet took money for a flight that they knew was never going to happen.  I call that fraud.

Now I have received an emailed notice telling me that I have “WestJet dollars” credited to my account, and I can use them for WJ flights any time over the next two years.

It’s entirely possible I’ll do that, if I have to fly somewhere, to recover sunk costs.  But once that credit is used up, I will never, ever, fly WestJet again.

And I recommend that no one should.