I hang around on a website called SFF World, handing out advice on writing and publishing, because the site draws a number of aspiring specfic authors.

Every now and then, the members get together and do a theme anthology, the latest of which is Welcome to Pacific City, a collection of stories all set in a fictional Oregon coast metropolis whose name I’m sure you can infer.  The theme of the antho is superheroes.

I contributed the origin tale, borrowing liberally from the true-life history of how Vancouver was founded by a man who paddled up from New Westminster with a barrel of whisky and talked the workers at a sawmill into building him a saloon.

The ebook version of the anthology is now available for pre-order, dirt cheap at an introductory price.  Down the road there will be a paperback, and I’ll draw attention to that when it comes.

But for now you can pre-order W2PC from Amazon as a bargain.  Here’s where to go.