Some fifty years ago, when I was a dedicated reader of historical fiction, just out of my teens, I came across a novel by a young American woman. The title was Until the Sun Falls, about a general of the Mongol army in the aftermath of Genghis Khan’s death. The book absolutely captured me, and I went looking for other titles by the author, Cecelia Holland.

I found plenty of them,, set in many different ages and cultures. I soon noticed that she had the ability to absorb and project the worldviews of people who lived long ago in lands far away. The truth of L.P. Hartley’s famous line — The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there — came through, time and again. Cecelia Holland became one of my favorite historical novelists and remains so today.

I had the chance to meet her at a World Fantasy Convention in Tempe, fifteen years ago, and asked her advice about the big historical novel I intended to write some day. She kindly gave me some useful advice.

Well, now I’ve written that novel, What the Wind Brings, and it will soon be published by Pulp Literature Press. I sent an Advance Reading Copy to Cecelia Holland and asked her for any comments she night care to meet. The result: I have a cover blurb. She called it “a triumph.”

Try to imagine: someone whose work you have admired for decades praises a piece of work that you consider the most important thing you’ve done. Wonderful.

Here’s where you can pre-order What the Wind Brings:

Hardcover limited edition: $39.95 (US$30, UK£23)

Signed hardcover limited edition: $70.00 (US$52, UK£41)