I’m back to work on this novel about a necromancer who becomes a diplomat in the same Dying Earth setting as the Baldemar and Raffalon stories.  I had to take time off to write my newsletter and another episode of One Damned Thing After Another, my autobiography-in-progress, then go in for a cystoscopy (all was well).

I’ve reached 70,000 words, the maguffin has been recovered, and the protagonist, Galabras Nachecko, faces sudden peril.  There will be one last encounter with the half-mad thaumaturge, Fatezh the Force, and maybe an attack from on high by a leather-winged pelerin, but I expect it all to go well in the end.

On Monday, I set off for the wilds of northern British Columbia – not really;  Prince George is a pretty civilized place – for our regular summer housesit.  I’ll finish the Eye there and then I’ll write the third episode in the evolving tale of Cascor the Discriminator.

Busy, busy.  So on we go.