My YA non-SF novella is out today from Edward Willett’s Shadowpaw Press.

I think it’s a cool little book with relatable characters and a life-affirming message. Could maybe be an antidote for a teen who’s too heavily into YA dystopias and vampires.

It’s loosely based upon a real-life incident that happened almost forty years ago, when I was speechwriter to the Canadian Minister of Environment. The government decided that it would be a deal-sweetener to give a Persian Gulf emir a pair of peregrine falcons raised in an Alberta facility of the Canadian Wildlife Service dedicated to preventing their extinction as a side effect of DDT.

But the birds were tended by teenage volunteers, and I wondered: how would the kids react to their birds—raised to fly free—being given into lifelong servitude to an autocrat?

The Emir’s Falcon is how I answered the question as fiction.It’s available as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Here’s a link: