I think I’ve mastered MailChimp enough to produce a respectable newsletter.  It’s got the usual for author mail-outs — reviews, notes on current and upcoming publications, a free read of a backlist story — but I’m adding something a little different.  I’ve had an unusual life and I’m planning to write random snippets of an autobiography-in-progress and publish them monthly for subscribers.

The opening sentence is:  “When I was seventeen, I accidentally killed a man and saved another man’s life with my bare hands.  It all happened within twenty-four hours.”

I’ve been of two minds about it and will wait to see what response, if any, I get.  But I’d be interested to know, if anyone cares to comment here:  do readers care about the lives of the authors they read?  Or is it just the fiction they want, without the author’s horning in as a distraction?

Anyone who wants to sign up for the newsletter before it goes out tomorrow can click on this link.  It will also get you a free ebook of my standalone space-opera novel, TEMPLATE.