I’ve launched a new ebook.

Mixed Bag: A Miscellany of Stories brings together eleven stories, from flash to novelette length.  As the title indicates, there’s considerable variety:  Dying Earth fantasy, space opera, contemporary fantasy, near-future dystopia.

Some of the stories bring back some of my favorite characters:  Henghis Hapthorn, Erm Kaslo, and Luff Imbry.  And one of them is my unabashed Wodehouse pastiche that saw Jeeves and Wooster (with names changed to protect the sueable) rocketing off to Venus.

All of the tales have been previously published in reputable venues, except for the Imbry novelette, which is pristine.

I’ll follow up with a paperback in the next little while.

Here’s a link.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B6DJ78ZP/