I’m 70,000 words into Passengers and Perils (working title), an episodic space-opera novel that continues the adventures of Conn Labro and Jenore Mordene, from my 2008 Vancean novel, Template.  I started out to write it as another series of short stories I could later cobble together into a “fix-up” novel, but decided to go whole hog after I sold the first episode, “Stopover at Meech’s World,” to Amazing Stories.

As the story has progressed, I’ve found myself bringing in characters from other books and stories.  So far, I’ve had Erm Kaslo and Henghis Hapthorn playing supporting roles, with cameos from Luff Imbry, Brustrum Warhanny, and Old Confustible.   We’ve had visits to the Terfel Connaissarium and Bolly’s Snug.  I think it is turning out to be good fun.

A British publisher has expressed interest in doing a limited edition as well as an unsigned trade hardcover.  I’m going to see if I can find a North American publisher to take the paperback, ebook, and audio rights.

I’m just writing the last episode now, and expect to have the manuscript ready to send by the end of the month.