PS Publishing wants my novel, Ghost Dreams, a contemporary fantasy novel  about a commercial burglar haunted by the ghost of a woman who was  railroaded into an insane asylum back in the 1940s.  We’ll make the deal  after the holidays.

This is the fourth novel I’ve sold to PS, one of the UK’s foremost small  presses, and my twentieth sale overall.

Also, I’m about to finish the first draft of a Dying Earthesque fantasy novel about three odd characters — one of them a kind of god — and all three of them unreliable narrators.  It’s been an interesting experience shaping the story.

I am grateful to my Patreon patrons for supporting me while I was writing Ghost Dreams.  Their pledges make it possible for me to write longer works, instead of short stories and novelettes to sell to magazines for nine or ten cents a word.

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