I’m starting to get responses from people to whom I sent ARCs of Barbarians of the Beyond.  Three good ones, so far.  I’ll share some in the near future.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new Dying Earth-set novel.  This one, as yet untitled, centers on the perils and predicaments of Galabas Nachecko (that name may change), a necromancer in the city of Golathreon that I created for the final Baldemar story, “The Ghost Wrangler,” which will run in an anthology my friend Ed Willett is preparing a Kickstarter campaign to fund.

I decided he was an interesting character, so I got him in trouble with the powers that be in Golathreon, which prompts him to travel to Vanderoy in search of a maguffin (at this point a fabulous jewel) owned by a woman who once rejected the hand of the seneschal to the Duke of Golathreon.  I’m now about 20,000 words into the story, and it is developing as my stories usually do, striking off in new directions as new characters come on stage.

I used to tell my students, when I was teaching how to write genre fiction, “You think it’s your story because you’re writing it, but it’s really the characters’ story, and you’re just writing it for them.”

That’s how it works for me.