Angry Robot Books is now reissuing my offbeat urban fantasy trilogy, To Hell and Back, the one where an autistic insurance actuary accidentally causes Hell to go on strike.  And then things get weird.

The three books – The Damned Busters, Costume Not Included, and Hell to Pay – came out ten years ago.  A few months back, I asked to have the rights revert to me, but AR counteroffered to reprint and remarket them, which sounded good enough.

Though they started out as farce, the books morphed into a meditation on autism, the way Flowers for Algernon was a meditation on intellectual disability.  The new marketing effort will reflect that.

I haven’t looked for reviews of the trilogy for years, but I started poking around the other day and came across a trio of reviews from 2014 by a blogger named Hal C.F. Astell, on a site called The Nameless Zine.  They are, quite simply, the most insightful reviews I’ve ever received.  The reviewer was able to deduce accurately from the way the books evolved the intuitive way I go about making stories.

So kudos to Hal.

They’re long reads, but if you’re interested in what I do and how I do it, they’re kind of a master class.