Once more unto the breach, dear friends, to support Ed Willett’s Kickstarter campaign for his Shapers of Worlds, Volume II anthology.

With four days to go, the campaign is less than $1300 CAD (a little more than US$1k) from completion.  Since it’s an all-or-nothing venture, if it doesn’t make the target of $15,000 CAD (about US$12k), it won’t happen.

That means “The Ghost Wrangler,” a 6500-word coda to the Baldemar saga won’t appear until I can submit it to a magazine (probably F&SF), sell it, then we all wait until it’s scheduled for publication.  Lately, it has taken three months or more for one of my stories to make it through the Moksha submissions process at F&SF, and then it’s usually six months or more before it runs.

On the other hand, if Ed’s antho funds, his book will be out a lot sooner.  And backers will not only get to read “The Ghost Wrangler,” but a lot of other high-quality science fiction and fantasy from some pretty spiffy authors.

BTW, anyone who pledges CAD$75 (about US$60) not only gets the antho, and your name in the acknowledgements, but also a cornucopia of ebooks from some of those same authors, and including all of my Raffalon and Luff Imbry stories.

Here’s a link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edwardwillett/shapers-of-worlds-volume-ii