Good news for Jack Vance fans who like audiobooks.

A few weeks ago, I approached Skyboat, a firm that produces high-quality audiobooks, to see if they were interested in producing a version of Barbarians of the Beyond, my authorized companion novel to Vance’s The Demon Princes series.

They were, indeed.  We made a deal and the audiobook will be out on February 22 for a price of US$5.95.

But while we were talking, Skyboat’s principal, Stedan Rudnicki, asked if the audio rights to the DP books might be available.  I put him in touch with john Vance and Koen Vyverman, the principals of Spatterlight Press.

And another deal was made.  Skyboat will make it possible for Vance fans to listen to the classic space opera novels of revenge on their phones, tablets, computers, and everywhere else the sound of literature is heard.

Will there be more Vance titles rendered ear-friendly?  Time will tell.