I’ve self-published GHOST DREAMS as an ebook on Amazon and Kobo for the US and Canadian markets only at my standard price of US$4.99 (CAD$6.77)

PS Publishing will publish a hardcover edition and eventually an ebook.  The pre-order for the hardcover will be available within a week.

PS has some differences with Amazon over ebooks and has graciously allowed me to go my own way for the US and Canadian markets, where I make 90 per cent of my ebook sales.

Here’s the blurb:

Commercial burglar Stan Winkelman encounters the ghost of Jane Manchester, wrongly confined for life in a 1940s insane asylum by a powerful family.  She wants to know what happened to Harmon, the baby boy that was stolen from her.

Aided by Jeannie, his ghost-obsessed autistic daughter, Stan and Jane begin a quest to find Harmon, or his descendants.  But their search will run them afoul of Andrew Bigelow, reclusive heir to the fortune Jane was robbed of.

And Bigelow is in cahoots with a murderous crew who deal in guns and blood diamonds and will stop at nothing to keep their crimes hidden.

Stan uses his burglar skills to uncover the truth, but that will draw him and Jeannie into a deadly confrontation, with the vengeful spirit of Jane Manchester his only ally.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Kirsten Emmott and Dr. Pat Warrington, who kindly sheltered my wife and me when Covid upended our housesitting plans.

Amazon link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BNLXQNQ7/