I’m making an effort to grow the subscriber list for my monthly email newsletter. Starting now, I’m going to send a free Kindle ebook to every new sign-up.

The book is 9 TALES OF HENGHIS HAPTHORN, incorporating the six Hapthorn stories that led up to the novels, MAJESTRUM, THE SPIRAL LABYRINTH, and HESPIRA, plus some additions.

Hapthorn is the foremost freelance discriminator of Old Earth in the ancient planet’s penultimate age. A superb rationalist, he is horrified to discover that the universe is about to shift its fundamental operating principle from cause-and-effect to “sympathetic association” — in other words, magic.

If I get a sprinkle of interest, I’ll send the ebook myself to new subscribers. I’ll have to wait for Mailchimp to let me know about new sign-ups, so there may be some hours’ delay between subscribing and receiving the book.

If the sprinkle becomes a flood, I’ll buy a better membership in Mailchimp and let them handle the work.

Here’s where to go to subscribe: