This is for Baldemar fans:

“The Glooms” (F&SF, Nov/December 2020) was supposed to be the final story in the Baldemar series.  But there was this unanswered question about the retired goddess’s cat.  And then Ed Willett asked me if I wanted to give him a story for his Shapers of Worlds, Volume II anthology.

So I wrote him “The Ghost Wrangler,” a 6500-word coda to the Baldemar saga.  And Ed accepted it.

The antho is predicated on the success of a Kickstarter campaign.  If it doesn’t fund, I’ll probably sell the story to a magazine.  But that might mean it doesn’t appear for a year or so.

So if you have trouble waiting, and really want to know what happened to Baldemar and Oldo, the Kickstarter is now two-thirds funded, with two weeks to go.

Also, anyone who pledges CAD$75 (about US$60) gets a cornucopia of ebooks, including all of my Raffalon and Luff Imbry stories.

Here’s a link: