Ed Willett, noted Canadian science fiction and fantasy author, is promoting his new anthology, Shapers of Worlds, Volume II, with an advent calendar that features each day one of the authors he’s interviewed for his award-winning podcast.  All of the authors in the antho are interviewees, and my contribution was “The Cat and the Merrythought,” a coda to the Baldemar series that ran in F&SF.

Today is my turn.  The interview ran almost a year ago.  If you missed it then and have some time on a Sunday, you could check it out now.

Ed is a comprehensive interviewer, so there’s a lot in there about my early years, how I became a reporter and a speechwriter.  We also cover how I write (no outlining), and I talk about my magnum opus, What the Wind Brings, that I waited more than forty years to write and which I consider the best work I’ll ever do.

It’s downloadable as an audio file or you can read the transcript.