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A God in Chains for 99 Cents Ends Today

A reminder:  my Dying Earth fantasy novel, A God in Chains (30 five-star reviews on Amazon!) is being offered as a 99-cent ebook through a Bookbub promotion wherever ebooks are sold.  The promotion doesn’t apply to the US, but has price-matched anyway.

But the cheapie deal ends today, so get ‘em while they’re hot.

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WestJet? Never again

With the pandemic coming on and countries shutting down, and my wife and me in rural France, I booked tickets on a WestJet flight back to Canada for March 24th, the earliest flight available.  A few days later, I read on the CBC News site that WJ had abruptly canceled all flights after midnight on March 22nd.

When I saw that, I asked my wife, whose credit card we had used for the booking, to see about getting the money back.  But the bank said WJ was contesting any refund, saying their terms and conditions required them only to provide us with vouchers on future WJ flights.

But the bank also confirmed that the airline had taken the money only after the cancellation. 

WestJet took money for a flight that they knew was never going to happen.  I call that fraud.

Now I have received an emailed notice telling me that I have “WestJet dollars” credited to my account, and I can use them for WJ flights any time over the next two years.

It’s entirely possible I’ll do that, if I have to fly somewhere, to recover sunk costs.  But once that credit is used up, I will never, ever, fly WestJet again.

And I recommend that no one should.

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A God in Chains at a promo price

I’m particularly proud of A God in Chains, (29 five-star Amazon reviews!), the Dying Earth fantasy novel that Edge Publishing released in July as a paperback and ebook.

I’ve been writing Raffalon and Baldemar short stories in that setting for years now and selling them to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and anthologies like Rogues, The Book of Swords, and The Book of Magic, but it was good to stretch a little and do a full-length novel.

Now, if you act quickly, you can snap up the ebook edition for less than a buck. The publisher, Edge, has arranged a Bookbub promotion in the UK, Australia, Canada, and India, with the novel selling for the equivalent of US$0.99 in each country’s currency from April 1 to 3. Amazon’s pricing algorithms being what they are, the price has already been lowered on all its platforms.

Here’s a link:

A similar promotion for US customers is planned for May, if Bookbub approves it.

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An update:

My wife and I are in the basement suite of a friend on southern Vancouver Island, self-isolating and waiting to see if we’ve got the bug. Chances are unlikely, since we were previously isolated in a little French hamlet of three or four houses and only went out for groceries. Traveling here, we might have been exposed during the two plane flights and a taxi ride, but we’ve been hand-washing and wiping down. So we’ll see.

If we are contaminated, and it’s a threat, we have access to world-class health-care at no charge. Plus, the friend who’s sheltering us is a doctor.

I’ll write up the full adventure of fleeing France – plenty of twists and turns – in the next episode of my autobiography-in-progress, One Damned Thing After Another. If you’re not seeing those, please fill in the form in the upper right corner of this page.

Soon, I’ll get back to work on Barbarians of the Beyond, the sequel to Jack Vance’s Demon Princes quintilogy. And we’ll spend the summer up in Prince George, as we have the last three years.

All shall be well (that’s a recurring line from Barbarians).

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Further adventures in the plague year

Today, my wife received an email from the French state railroad system to tell her that our train to Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday had been “suppressed.”

Turns out that’s the same as “cancelled.” 

So were  the trains for Saturday and Monday.  France is deadly serious about suppressing the Corona virus.  Apparently, only freight trains are moving from now on.

Fortunately, with the assistance of our French-speaking host, we were able to rent a car for a one-way trip to the airport.  Five hours, but at least you don’t have to worry about the traffic.  Apart from trucks, there isn’t any.

So we’ll drive up Sunday, hoping that Air Canada’s commitment to keep flying from Paris to Montreal endures until we board our flight on Monday.

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