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And now a hiatus

I’ve polished Barbarians of the Beyond to a semi-gloss, but now I have to prepare to relocated from British Columbia to a new housesit in France, followed by another in Bucharest. In the meantime, I’ve sent the second draft to John Vance, to make sure we’re both on the same page as to the story I’ve set in Vance space. If so, I’ll finish it up in March and turn it in.

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First draft finished

On Friday, I finished the draft of Barbarians of the Beyond (working title for the authorized sequel to The Demon Princes), at 54.5K words.  Now I’m going through the printed-out manuscript, adding and changing to make the story more cohesive.  Also, in the earlier chapters, the characters are mere sketches, so I need to add to and refine their doings and sayings to make them consistent with how they turn out.

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Another podcast interview

A month ago, I did a podcast interview with Josh Pantalleresco.  Talking about What the Wind Bringsmostly.  Now it’s live at

Just about the same time as I talked with Josh, I started writing the sequel to Jack Vance’s The Demon Princes.  Yesterday, I reached 51,700 words.  I expect to have the first draft finished by early next week.  Current working title is Barbarians of the Beyond.

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Good job

Yesterday, someone did a comprehensive update on my Wikipedia page.  My thanks for a very good job.

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Pounding away

Now at 49.5k words on the Demon Princes sequel, and noodling Barbarians of the Beyond as a working title a la Jack Vance’s Vandals of the Void.

The big battle is over, peace reigns, but then comes the twist.

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