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August newsletter coming

I’m putting together my newsletter for August, with news on what I’m writing, forthcoming books, a free read, an autobiographical episode, and other goodies.

If you’re not on the mailing list, sign up by following the link below and I’ll send you a free Kindle copy of 9 Tales of Henghis Hapthorn, the first of the Hapthorn series.

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Nice review of Mixed Bag

Blogger George Kelley has given my new story collection, Mixed Bag, a glowing review.  He says, “Mixed Bag delivers plenty of thrills, sly humor, and detection. Perfect Summer Reading!”

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Mixed Bag now in paperback and on Kobo

My new ebook, Mixed Bag: A Miscellany of Stories, is now available on Kobo.


And the POD paperback has launched on Amazon. 


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New story collection launched

I’ve launched a new ebook.

Mixed Bag: A Miscellany of Stories brings together eleven stories, from flash to novelette length.  As the title indicates, there’s considerable variety:  Dying Earth fantasy, space opera, contemporary fantasy, near-future dystopia.

Some of the stories bring back some of my favorite characters:  Henghis Hapthorn, Erm Kaslo, and Luff Imbry.  And one of them is my unabashed Wodehouse pastiche that saw Jeeves and Wooster (with names changed to protect the sueable) rocketing off to Venus.

All of the tales have been previously published in reputable venues, except for the Imbry novelette, which is pristine.

I’ll follow up with a paperback in the next little while.

Here’s a link.

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Interview with Sci Fi Saturday Night podcast

I’ve done an interview with the Sci Fi Saturday Night podcast, talking about playing in Jack Vance’s sandbox to write Barbarians of the Beyond.

The opening is clips from ancient SF movies. I come on just before the two-minute mark.

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