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Signed limited edition of What the Wind Brings

There will be a 100-copy signed limited hardcover edition of my historical novel, What the Wind Brings.  The price is $70.  That’s Canadian dollars, equivalent to about US$52 or £40.  Here’s the pre-order page.

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Signed contract for A God in Chains

I’ve signed a contract with Edge Publishing, a Canadian small press specializing in specfic, for A God in Chains, the Dying Earth-set fantasy I wrote in the fall. It’s my 22nd novel sale, not counting reprints, book clubs, and foreign translations.

The publisher’s name is Brian Hades, but no jokes about a deal with the Devil. We’ve known each other for years.

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Busy, busy

I’ve asked the excellent artist Bradley W. Schenck, to prepare another of the fabulous certificates he creates for my Patreon patrons.

I’ve finished a 10,000-word novelette, “Stopover at Meech’s World,” and sent it to Lightspeed editor John Joseph Adams. The story revives Conn Labro and Jenore Mordene, from my 2008 stand-alone space-opera novel, Template. They now have a private space yacht that they’re hiring out for passenger charters among the Ten Thousand Worlds. I’m thinking of doing a series of adventures for them.

And in the near future, I’m going to release a new ebook and print-on-demand paperback. It’s a crime novel titled E.F.T., based on a screenplay I wrote decades ago. I’ve asked Bradley to do the cover art.

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That’s Canadian dollars

A couple of people asked, so I checked. The $39.95 price on the limited edition of my magnum opus, What the Wind Brings, is in Canadian dollars. For Americans, that’s about a 25 per cent discount.

Here’s the pre-order page again. And the first 7,000 words.

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What the Wind Brings — The Opening

Here are the first 7,000 words of What the Wind Brings.

Caveat: the text is still in the editing process. No copy edit has been done yet.

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