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Demon Princes sequel: an update

I’m just closing in on the first 10,000 words in the authorized sequel to The Demon Princes, Jack Vance’s seminal saga of revenge. The mystery is beginning to build.

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Demon Princes Sequel

I’m now 6500 words into the sequel to Jack Vance’s The Demon Princes series, and the story is developing nicely. As ever, I have only the vaguest idea of where things will go once I create characters and set them in motion, but this one is unfolding as they always do. I’ve just woken up from a nap to find the guy in the back of my head telling me what the maguffin of the story is, and it’s a good one.

In another part of the forest, a podcast interview I gave back in 2018 at Vancouver’s VCon science fiction con has surfaced on a site I’d never heard of called Hubhopper.

Here’s a link:

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Sequel to The Demon Princes

I’ve started work on the sequel to Jack Vance’s The Demon Princes: 1400 words in and my protag is on the move toward the mystery and the danger. Good fun.

I’ll post updates on progress for those who are interested in the process.

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Radio interview about What the Wind Brings

I’ve done another interview with Chat and Spin Radio, based in northeast England (love the accents).  They’ve posted it as a podcast on Facebook.  The format is a mix of pop and chat, as the name of the show would indicate, and I come on at about the ten-minute mark.

Here’s a link:

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A Little Facebook Experiment

A couple of years back, Damien Walter, who used to review SFF for The Guardian, started a Facebook group for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

This month, he has started a new feature, in which he asks the group to get behind a particular title for a month and try to “accelerate the work into the stratosphere.”

The first novel he’s chosen for the experiment is my magnum opus, WHAT THE WIND BRINGS.

I’ll be more than a little interested to see how this plays out, and I hope my readers will join in the effort.

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