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Big Idea Rescheduled

Today was supposed to see the posting of a piece by me on John Scalzi’s Big Idea feature. I discuss “playing in another author’s sandbox,” i.e., my new novel Barbarians of the Beyond, set in the universe Jack Vance created for The Demon Princes.

It’s been rescheduled for Friday.

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Another sale to F&SF

More news:

I’ve sold a 17,000-word novelette to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  “The Dire Delusion” is the third in a series of novelettes about Cascor, a discriminator (PI) in the Dying Earth.  The first episode, “The Forlorn,” will run in the November/December issue.

Cascor was a supporting character in the series about Raffalon, the unlucky thief.

This is my 42nd sale to F&SF.

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Another fine review of Barbarians

R. Graeme Cameron has posted a comprehensive review of Barbarians of the Beyond in Amazing Stories. I particularly appreciate his in-depth treatment of the protagonist, Morwen Sabine, who escapes from slavery determined to save her parents. In my former career as a freelance speechwriter, I worked with many strong women in the corporate and political spheres. I tried hard to capture their complexities in Morwen.

Here’s a link:

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James D. Nicoll reviews Barbarians

I hold fellow Kitchenerite James D. Nicoll in high regard. Twenty years ago, as a first reader for the Science Fiction Book Club, he recommended my debut novel, Fools Errant, to SFBC editor Andy Wheeler. The club ultimately picked three of my titles as featured selections.

Now James has reviewed Barbarians of the Beyond, calling it “a worthy companion piece to Vance’s [Demon Princes] series.”

The review is here:

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Barbarians of the Beyond First Chapter

Spatterlight Press has posted the first chapter of Barbarians of the Beyond, the authorized sequel/companion novel to Jack Vance’s The Demon Princes.

The paperback is now available on Amazon. An ebook is being prepared.

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