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Free reads

Still snowed in, with nothing much to do except read a forthcoming novel and think about a blurb.

So I thought I’d remind people that every month, I put up a free read of a backlist story.  Since last summer, I’ve been using Curious Fictions, in an experiment to see whether the site gets me more reads than my former practice of putting them up for a month on my website.

And so far it has worked out that way.

I’ve got two streams going on CF, my SF and fantasy stories, under my full name, Matthew Hughes.  And my crime stories, as written by Matt Hughes.

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Plug for F&SF

I’m in between writing projects right now, and snowed in at a housesit in Shawnigan Lake, BC, so I’m going to take a few moments to plug The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and encourage you to subscribe.

First of all, you’d be getting a massive amount of first-rate speculative fiction from a venerable institution of science fiction and fantasy, the magazine that Stephen King called the “gold standard” for American short fiction.  Not to mention stuff by Canadians like me and plenty of other folks from around the world whose writings grace F&SF‘s pages.   And book reviews, SF cartoons, interesting items, and funny stuff called “Plumage from Pegasus.”

Second, if you’re a fan of my writing, F&SF is where you’d have come across a lot of it in recent times.  I have it on good authority that I’ve sold more stories to the mag in recent years than any other author, and have filled more pages, too.

Third, and more immediate, the next issue (March/April) is scheduled to feature “The Plot Against Fantucco’s Armor,” a novelette carrying forward the career of Baldemar, my ambitious wizard’s henchman.  Then in the May/June issue, there is a reprise of Raffalon, the Dying Earth thief, in a story called “Sternutative Sortilege,” previously only available in my self-published collection, 9 Tales of Raffalon.

And then the last of the Baldemar stories, “Air of the Overworld,” will run in either the September/October or November/December issues.  So that’s about 40,000 words of my fantasy writing that you won’t find anywhere else, at least not until I self publish the Baldemar stories in a year or two.

But wait, there’s more.  Last year, I sold an 11,000 Dying-Earthesque novelette to the late Gardner Dozois for his projected 2019 anthology, The Book of Legends.  It now appears that that anthology will not go forward, which means the rights to the piece, “The Last Legend,” will revert to me.  And I will, of course, offer it to F&SF. So that might make 50,000 words of Hughes fantasy only available through my favorite magazine.

So go and take a look at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  A subscription gets you six double issues a year, comprising hundreds of thousands of words of first-rate speculative fiction, plus tons of interesting stuff, for about the price of two trade paperbacks.

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Last chance for StoryBundle

The Bundoran StoryBundle bargain ends today.  Twelve SF ebooks (11 novels, one short story collection) by Canadian specfic authors, for US$15.  Includes my Archonate space opera, Template, the book I most often recommend to people who want to read me for the first time.

The books are all DRM free, so you can lend them to friends.  And the deal offers support for two charities, one that encourage girls and women to write and another that promotes literacy in disadvantaged communities.

Great books, great price, good causes.  But it’s going, going, and soon to be gone.


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One Last Push

The Bundoran StoryBundle, including my standalone space opera novel, Template, is in its last few days:  12 science fiction novels by Canadian authors for US$15 (or four for five bucks) in ebook formats.

A portion of the money received goes to charity.  There’s info on the landing page about the good causes receiving funds — Girls Write Now and Mighty Writers — that encourage women’s writing and support literacy programs.

And 70 per cent of the proceeds go to the twelve authors whose works are included in the bundle.  Authors can always use those royalties.

Good SF and a couple of good causes.  But it all ends in four days.

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Bundoran StoryBundle reminder

Just a reminder that the Bundoran Press StoryBundle — a dozen Canadian specfic ebooks for US$ 15 — is still on and continues to the end of the month. Some good stuff.

The bundle contains my Archonate novel, Template, which argues that all societies are, fundamentally, based on one of the seven deadly sins.  (Although I had a hard time thinking of one based on laziness).


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