This news came in yesterday, just after I’d sent out my April newsletter:  The first story about Cascor the discriminator, “The Forlorn,” is scheduled for the September/October issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Cascor will be remembered by readers of the Raffalon stories as a freelance detective in a Dying Earth setting.  He got involved with Raff’s troubles in a few stories.  In the last of those, “The Vindicator,” he ended up having to flee the city of Wal after he and Raffalon pretty much wrecked the civic center.

“The Forlorn” takes up the action not long after the bug-out, and finds Cascor establishing himself in the city of Gephrire, where the scholarly wizard Ifgenio and his girl-genius acolyte Ioveana involve him in some dangerous stuff.

I’ve also been told that the second in the Cascor series,, “The Mule,” is a sale to F&SF, but the magazine is reworking its standard contract so nothing is official until that process works out.