Barbarians of the Beyond, my authorized sequel/companion novel to Jack Vance’s iconic series, The Demon Princes, has hit 100 ratings on, two-thirds of them five-stars.

I suspect the audiobook released by Skyboat Media back in February has had some good effect.  Narrator Gabrielle de Cuir deliveres a fine reading.

Also, this is the book that prompted George R.R. Martin to say, “Hughes does Jack Vance better than anyone except Jack himself.”

You can listen to a sample here:

While we’re on the subject, I’ve entered Barbarians of the Beyond for the Endeavour Award, a cross-border annual prize for the best book-length specfic title written by an author from the Canadian/American Pacific Northwest.

The award was in limbo for quite a while after its mainstay, Oregon superfan Jim Fiscus, suddenly passed away. But it has now been revived and Barbarians is eligible.

I’m the only Canadian author ever to win the Endeavour in its 23-year history. That was for my magnum opus, What the Wind Brings.