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The name I answer to is Matt Hughes. I write fantasy and suspense fiction. To keep the two genres separate, I now use my full name, Matthew Hughes, for fantasy, and the shorter form for the crime stuff. I also write media tie-ins as Hugh Matthews.

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Pre-order page for What the Wind Brings

Pulp Literature Press has set up a pre-order page for the hardcover limited edition of What the Wind Brings, my big historical novel that I waited more than forty years to write. There will also be a trade paperback and an ebook, down the road.

If you’re just tuning in, WTWB is a novel based on a series of events that happened in coastal Ecuador and the Andean highlands in the middle of the sixteenth century, when shipwrecked African slaves combined with the local indigenous people to form a new society. They fought off successive invasions by the Spanish colonial power and finally won their freedom.

I consider it the most important piece of writing I’ve ever done. It’s the work I want to be remembered for.

In about a month, Advanced Reading Copies will be ready to go out. George R.R. Martin, Bernard Cornwell, Cecelia Holland, and David Gerrold have all agreed to take a look at the book and consider giving it a blurb.

BTW, the cover is a placeholder. Pulp Literature Press has yet to commission the cover.

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Interview in F&SF

I’ve done an interview on The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction‘s blog about my Baldemar story in the March/April issue, “The Plot Against Fantucco’s Armor.”

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Ask me anything

I’ve started up the ask-me-anything session on the Rock the Cauldron Facebook group page. And I’ve posted links for a free ebook of Fools Errant, the first Archonate novel.

Here’s where to go:

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Ask me anything

A reminder:  tomorrow, Friday, March 1, I’ll be doing an ask-me-anything on the Facebook page, Rock the Cauldron.  I’ll probably start in the morning, Pacific time, and keep going until I sense I’ve exhausted the interest of whoever dials in.

Here’s where the action will be:

I’ll also be giving away an ebook:  my first Archonate novel, Fools Errant, in mobi and epub formats.  I’ll post a link where anyone who wants a free read can download the file.

And I’ll kick things off with a little dissertation on why my main characters tend to be oddballs.

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Ask me anything

Here’s a heads up.  On Friday, March 1, I’ll be the featured author at Rock the Cauldron, a Facebook site run by my SF Canada colleague, Shereen Vedam.  I’ll post a few thoughts about my work and answer any questions that others post.

I’m also seeing if I can arrange to give away an ebook as a free download from my webstore.

More to come, later in the week.

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