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The name I answer to is Matt Hughes. I write fantasy and suspense fiction. To keep the two genres separate, I now use my full name, Matthew Hughes, for fantasy, and the shorter form for the crime stuff. I also write media tie-ins as Hugh Matthews.

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GHOST DREAMS now live on Amazon

I’ve self-published GHOST DREAMS as an ebook on Amazon and Kobo for the US and Canadian markets only at my standard price of US$4.99 (CAD$6.77)

PS Publishing will publish a hardcover edition and eventually an ebook.  The pre-order for the hardcover will be available within a week.

PS has some differences with Amazon over ebooks and has graciously allowed me to go my own way for the US and Canadian markets, where I make 90 per cent of my ebook sales.

Here’s the blurb:

Commercial burglar Stan Winkelman encounters the ghost of Jane Manchester, wrongly confined for life in a 1940s insane asylum by a powerful family.  She wants to know what happened to Harmon, the baby boy that was stolen from her.

Aided by Jeannie, his ghost-obsessed autistic daughter, Stan and Jane begin a quest to find Harmon, or his descendants.  But their search will run them afoul of Andrew Bigelow, reclusive heir to the fortune Jane was robbed of.

And Bigelow is in cahoots with a murderous crew who deal in guns and blood diamonds and will stop at nothing to keep their crimes hidden.

Stan uses his burglar skills to uncover the truth, but that will draw him and Jeannie into a deadly confrontation, with the vengeful spirit of Jane Manchester his only ally.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Kirsten Emmott and Dr. Pat Warrington, who kindly sheltered my wife and me when Covid upended our housesitting plans.

Amazon link:

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Barbarians hist 100 Amazon ratings

Barbarians of the Beyond, my authorized sequel/companion novel to Jack Vance’s iconic series, The Demon Princes, has hit 100 ratings on, two-thirds of them five-stars.

I suspect the audiobook released by Skyboat Media back in February has had some good effect.  Narrator Gabrielle de Cuir deliveres a fine reading.

Also, this is the book that prompted George R.R. Martin to say, “Hughes does Jack Vance better than anyone except Jack himself.”

You can listen to a sample here:

While we’re on the subject, I’ve entered Barbarians of the Beyond for the Endeavour Award, a cross-border annual prize for the best book-length specfic title written by an author from the Canadian/American Pacific Northwest.

The award was in limbo for quite a while after its mainstay, Oregon superfan Jim Fiscus, suddenly passed away. But it has now been revived and Barbarians is eligible.

I’m the only Canadian author ever to win the Endeavour in its 23-year history. That was for my magnum opus, What the Wind Brings.

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Free audiobooks for reviewers

I’m still looking for people who want to review my audiobooks of 9 Tales of Raffalon and Baldemar.

And publisher Shadowpaw Press has copies of my YA novella, The Emir’s Falcon, available for reviewers.

Good listening.  And free.

Send me an email and tell me which book you want and where you propose to post a review, and I’ll send you a link to a free download.

I’m at

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The Emir’s Falcon launches today

My YA non-SF novella is out today from Edward Willett’s Shadowpaw Press.

I think it’s a cool little book with relatable characters and a life-affirming message. Could maybe be an antidote for a teen who’s too heavily into YA dystopias and vampires.

It’s loosely based upon a real-life incident that happened almost forty years ago, when I was speechwriter to the Canadian Minister of Environment. The government decided that it would be a deal-sweetener to give a Persian Gulf emir a pair of peregrine falcons raised in an Alberta facility of the Canadian Wildlife Service dedicated to preventing their extinction as a side effect of DDT.

But the birds were tended by teenage volunteers, and I wondered: how would the kids react to their birds—raised to fly free—being given into lifelong servitude to an autocrat?

The Emir’s Falcon is how I answered the question as fiction.It’s available as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Here’s a link:

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Baldemar audiobook a tour de force

The audiobook of my Baldemar stories is now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, and it is a tour de force of vocal characterizations.  I’m talking sheer artistry-of-the-voice by the narrator, Harry Frost.

Harry’s an old pro, but he’s also a fan of my writing, so he went the extra mile.  He considers Baldemar his best work ever, and I’m sure he’s right.  It’s brilliant.

If you’ve never bought an Amazon audiobook before, you can get it for free by opening an account.

Listen to a five-minute sample:

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