My wife and I are in the basement suite of a friend on southern Vancouver Island, self-isolating and waiting to see if we’ve got the bug. Chances are unlikely, since we were previously isolated in a little French hamlet of three or four houses and only went out for groceries. Traveling here, we might have been exposed during the two plane flights and a taxi ride, but we’ve been hand-washing and wiping down. So we’ll see.

If we are contaminated, and it’s a threat, we have access to world-class health-care at no charge. Plus, the friend who’s sheltering us is a doctor.

I’ll write up the full adventure of fleeing France – plenty of twists and turns – in the next episode of my autobiography-in-progress, One Damned Thing After Another. If you’re not seeing those, please fill in the form in the upper right corner of this page.

Soon, I’ll get back to work on Barbarians of the Beyond, the sequel to Jack Vance’s Demon Princes quintilogy. And we’ll spend the summer up in Prince George, as we have the last three years.

All shall be well (that’s a recurring line from Barbarians).