I’m particularly proud of A God in Chains, (29 five-star Amazon reviews!), the Dying Earth fantasy novel that Edge Publishing released in July as a paperback and ebook.

I’ve been writing Raffalon and Baldemar short stories in that setting for years now and selling them to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and anthologies like Rogues, The Book of Swords, and The Book of Magic, but it was good to stretch a little and do a full-length novel.

Now, if you act quickly, you can snap up the ebook edition for less than a buck. The publisher, Edge, has arranged a Bookbub promotion in the UK, Australia, Canada, and India, with the novel selling for the equivalent of US$0.99 in each country’s currency from April 1 to 3. Amazon’s pricing algorithms being what they are, the price has already been lowered on all its platforms.

Here’s a link:

A similar promotion for US customers is planned for May, if Bookbub approves it.