I’m going to Manchester for the weekend for the big annual UK con called Eastercon.  I don’t have much on the agenda, just one panel and a signing.

The panel is Supporting the Short Stuff, about writing and selling short fiction.  It’s on Sunday, from 13:00 to 14:00, in Room 7 at the Hilton Deansgate – that’s the hotel where all the events are.

The signing will be on Saturday, from 11:00 to 12:00 at the PS Publishing table in the dealers’ room.   PS will have copies of the new Luff Imbry novella, “Epiphanies,” for anyone who wants one.

Otherwise, I’ll be wandering around the con, probably spending time in the hospitality suite if there is one, and (even more probably) in the bar.  Anyone who wants to talk to me or get something signed is welcome.  I’m not shy or stand-offish.

In other news, Black Gate’s short story reviewer, Fletcher Vredenburgh, finds “Telltale” the only sword-and-sorcery short story worth talking about in February.  He says, “The Raffalon stories are delightful gems that any fan of the off-kilter humor of Jack Vance’s Cugel the Clever or Michael Shea’s Nifft the Lean should enjoy.”