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Lois Tilton reviews “Prisoner of Pandarius”

Another day, another review.

Lois Tilton reviews “Prisoner of Pandarius” for Locus Online and says: “As usual, entertaining stuff from Hughes. In addition to the distinctive narrative voice and the intricate plotting, each of these stories tends to offer some new insight into the working of this world – in this case, Raffalon’s guild, but also the existence of other, related institutions, like The Tenacious and Terrible Guild of Vindicators.”

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Couple of reviews

Always nice to start the day with people saying kind things.

In Tangent Online, Colleen Chen reviews “Prisoner of Pandarius,” the latest Raffalon novelette in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  She says, “My impressions are of an intricate plot, smart writing, and tongue-in-cheek humor throughout which tempers the tense scenes.”  It does get a little tense, especially when the blue imp . . . well, I won’t spoil it.

And then the Off The Shelf blogger takes a look at HESPIRA, the third of the Henghis Hapthorn novels, and says, “. . . the book is a fine romp through a mostly stand-alone mystery . . . an enjoyable read, and would be a decent cap on the story if it ended here, though it certainly leaves enough room not to rule out a sequel.”

I don’t rule out a sequel, either, but it would probably depend on some publisher offering to pay me to write one.  And they seem to be rather thin on the ground right now.


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ROGUES Number One

Worth mentioning, I think:  the cross-genre anthology, ROGUES, co-edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, is number one in Amazon’s action/adventure short-story category.  One of the rogues in the collection is my archetypal Vancean thief, Raffalon.

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Cover reveal, Tesseracts 18: Wrestling with Gods

Here’s the cover for Tesseracts 18: Wrestllng with Gods, the latest iteration of Canada’s premier annual anthology of science fiction and fantasy. Some well known names in the ToC, including me, and some bright new stars, too.


Here it is on Amazon.


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Writing blurbs for Jack Vance books

It’s no secret I’m a lifelong fan of the late Jack Vance. So it’s been a real pleasure to have been asked by Jack’s son, John, to write some promotional blurbs for some of his best-loved titles: the Demon Princes novels and the Tschai tetralogy. The blurbs will be produced as video clips, with art work from Vance aficionado Koen Vyverman and my words read by John Vance.

I never got to meet Jack to express my admiration, although I did dedicate my first novel, Fools Errant, to him. Helping his son to make his works known to new readers is the least I can do.

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