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Where I’ll be next year

From late January through the end of April, I’ll be housesitting in Tipperary, Ireland.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  Of course, it will actually be during the tail end of a North Atlantic winter, but the Guinness will be good.

Starting in mid-May, I’ll be in Washington State until December, just a ferry ride across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Vancouver Island.  I’ll be able to observe the American election at close range and I can run for the border if civil war breaks out.

Since I’ll be close to BC, I’ll visit family and friends.  I’ll also attend the Creative Ink Festival, a writers conference, in Burnaby (where I went to high school) May 6th through 8th.  I’ve give a presentation, probably on story mechanics, and do some blue pencil cafe sessions.

And, god help me, I will attend the 50-year class reunion of Burnaby South High School’s class of 66.  The only reason I attended BSHS that year was because I was thrown out of Burnaby Central for unacceptable behavior, but I actually do remember some of the people I went to school with.

In August, I’ll be at WorldCon in Kansas City, if the aforementioned civil war hasn’t broken out yet.  If you’re going and you’ve got books you’d like signed, bring then along.

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Nice review of “Curse of the Myrmelon”

Fletcher Vredenburgh (isn’t that a great name?) is the short-fiction reviewer for the Black Gate blog.  He’s reviewed the stories he read in August that he thought were worthwhile.  And one of them is the Raffalon/Cascor story “Curse of the Myrmelon” in the July-August Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

He says, “Hughes is a master at creating Vancian-style stories . . . Like the preceding [Raffalon] stories, this one is filled with humorous turns of phrase, clever plot twists, and a vividly colorful setting.”



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Sold a crime story

Besides fantasy and science fiction, I’ve also written crime fiction — even won an award from the Crime Writers of Canada some years ago.  I had one little short story — “Sealed with a Kiss” — on my hard drive that I had never sold.  I sent it out to Hitchcock’s and Ellery Queen years ago and got no nibbles, and after that it just sat there.  I would notice it every few months and think, “I ought to do something with that one.”

Today I got an acceptance on it from an editor who is putting together an anthology of Canadian crime fiction.  When I checked my emails I found out I’d submitted it in November of 2013.   I’d completely forgotten.  Now I can truthfully say that I’ve sold every crime short story I ever wrote, which is gratifying.

I’d sold all the sf stories, too, except for a 500-word flash fiction piece called “Ant Lion” that, as with “SWAK,” I sent out to only a couple of places.  I included it in the sf collection “Devil or Angel and Other Stories,” so there’s no point sending it anywhere else now.

The crime fiction antho will be out in the next few months.  I’ll announce it when I know the publication date.


John Vance, son of Jack, runs Spatterlight Press, which has been producing ebooks of his father’s works, using the authoritative Vance Integral Edition texts which restored all the good bits cut by pulp magazine editors obsessed by page counts.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve been writing and narrating the promotional copy for videos produced by Koen Vyverman for the Jack Vance YouTube channel.

Well, now Spatterlight is expanding into the publishing of print-on-demand paperbacks.  The first title is Emphyrio which, by coincidence, is the Vance work I usually recommend for those who haven’t read him yet.  And I’ve just written the back-cover “About the Author” blurb and an enthusiastic preface which was a great pleasure to write.


For those keeping track, I’m 136,000 words into the historical novel.  Two more chapters should see the first draft finished, then it will be time to pull it all together.  Should be done by Christmas.

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New York Times and me

Not genre-related, but possibly of interest to some:  I have a letter to the editor in the Sunday New York Times, responding to one of David Brooks’s recent fatuosities.

You’ll need to scroll down.

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Goodreads Giveaway of Template

I’m doing another giveaway through Goodreads:  a paperback of Template: A Novel of the Archonate.  It’s my most Vancean novel, a space-opera about an Oliver Twistish fellow who travels the galaxy trying to unravel the secret of his birth — while some rather nasty people have other plans for him.

The widget should take you to the Goodreads Giveaway:

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