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Editing The Lake in the Clouds

I’m putting on my editor’s cap — should really be a green eyeshade, but I actually have neither — to dig into The Lake in the Clouds, a YA fantasy by my SF Canada colleague, Ed Willett.

It’s the third in a series called Shards of Excalibur, published by Coteau Books. The first two episodes are Song of the Sword and Twist of the Blade, both of which I also edited.

Should be an enjoyable task, though there’s a certain amount of hurry-up involved: the book has to be all done and on the store shelves by the beginning of May.

I don’t mention it often, but I edit books for authors as well as publishers, even for aspiring authors. I’m told my rates are laughably low.


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Tweeting for followers

My middle son assures me that the way to develop a lot of Twitter followers is to tweet interesting bits of wit and pith.  I’m giving it a try, one a week.  My first two:

They say money talks.  Only thing it ever said to me was, “Bye!”

Funny thing, back in the day, nobody said back in the day.

I’m prepared to use Tome Swifties, if I must.

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Lots of stories coming up

Lots of things to report, since I’ve been off-line almost two months:

Enter Saunterance” is the latest installment in the serialized novel, The Kaslo Chronicles, now up for a free read at Lightspeed Magazine.

This month also saw the reprinting of the first Rafffalon tale, “Wearaway and Flambeau,” in Sean Wallace’s anthology, THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF WARRIORS AND WIZARDRY.

I’ve turned in the last episode of Kaslo, so Lightspeed will be running the remaining chapters through to the end of the novel sometime in 2015.

“Prisoner of Pandarius,” another tale of Raffalon, my archetypal journeyman thief, should run in the January/December issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  Gordon van Gelder has two more Raffalon stories in inventory, which should run in 2015.

I’ll do at least a couple more Raffalons to make sure I have a collection’s worth. Then I’ll self-publish them as an ebook and POD paperback, once they’ve all run.  I’ll include the actual first-written Raffalon story, written for George R.R. Martin’s and Gardner Dozois’s cross-genre anthology, ROGUES, which made the bestseller lists and is a bargain at Amazon where it’s discounted about forty percent.

Something I’m particularly proud of is a Jeeves and Wooster pastiche in OLD VENUS, the next Martin/Dozois antho coming out in March.

And I’m thinking of reviving my corpulent master criminal of the Archonate, Luff Imbry, in a few stories and offering them to John Joseph Adams at Lightspeed.  BTW, my self-pubbed Imbry collection, THE MEANING OF LUFF AND OTHER STORIES, did not win the Endeavour Award earlier this month, but making the shortlist of five out of a longlist of forty-five is not bad.

For Imbry fans, “Of Whimsies and Noubles,” the third in the trio of novellas published by PS Publishing in the UK, is now available in two limited editions, one of them signed.

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New versions of ebooks

Hardware malfunctions have kept me from updating here since late September, but now I’m back.  I have a number of things to post about but ‘ll do them one at a time over the next few days so as not to be constantly tugging on your sleeve.

My gifted book designer and webmaster, Bradley W. Schenck, has sent me new and improved versions of my self-published ebooks, Fools Errant, Fool Me Twice, Template, The Meaning of Luff, The Complete Guth Bandar, 9 Tales of Henghis Hapthorn, and Paroxysm.

If you’ve bought them on Amazon, the updated content will automatically come through.  If you haven’t bought them, now would be a good time.

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New Kaslo Chronicles episode up

“Under the Scab,” the seventh episode in The Kaslo Chronicles, is now available for a free read at Lightspeed Magazine.  Here’s the intro blurb:

As a new age of magic dawns amid the ruins of the former technological civilization on Novo Bantry, wizard’s henchman Erm Kaslo is on the trail of the horde of multi-legged creatures that carried off the survivors who had taken shelter at the castle of his employer, the wizard Diomedo Obron. The tracks lead to an interplanar portal into the Seventh Plane. Kaslo has no idea what awaits him there, but knows that he must go through.

The six previous episodes are available in Lightspeed‘s archive.

I’ve now written and turned in the final episode in the serialized novel.



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