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Another Baldemar story sold

I’ve sold another novelette to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  It’s called “The Prognosticant” and carries on the life and times of my new serial character, Baldemar, a young wizard’s henchman. It’s my thirtieth sale to F&SF.

And I’ve turned in “Thunderstone,” a space-opera/science-fantasy mix to Nick Gevers, who is editing an invitation-only antho I was invited to submit to on a last-minute basis when somebody else didn’t deliver a story. It features Erm Kaslo, a far-future Sam Spade.  I’m hoping Nick takes it.


I invented Kaslo some years ago for a story called “And Then Some,” that ran in Asimov’s and then again in Lightspeed Magazine, where it became the beginning of a serialized novel called The Kaslo Chronicles.  After it ran, I tidied up the narrative and sold it to PS Publishing, which will bring it out in limited editions and ebook format in the next few weeks, retitled as A Wizard’s Henchman.


I’m telling you all this because I see I have set things up for possible confusion.  Erm Kaslo is a hard-boiled, Sam-Spade-type private eye who becomes a wizard’s henchman when the universe switches from science to magic, and we make the transition from a Jack Vancean Gaean Reach kind of civilization to the decadence of The Dying Earth.

Baldemar is a wizard’s henchman on an Old Earth that is already well into the Dying Earth era.  They have nothing in common except the henchman thing.

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Sold a suspense novel

I’ve sold One More Kill, a suspense novel that grew out of a story of the same name that won me the Canadian equivalent of an Edgar Award (it’s called the Arthur Ellis Award) years ago.  It will come out in limited and hardcover trade editions from PS Publishing, my favorite small press.  There will probably be a paperback at some point and maybe an audio version.  There will definitely be an ebook, though it’s not yet decided who will produce it.

In other news, I’ve just reviewed the copy edit for “Ten Half-Pennies,” a short story that will introduce my new serial character, Baldemar the wizard’s henchman, to readers of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  Editor Charlie Finlay says it will run in the November/December or January/February edition.

Charlie also says that the last Raffalon story, “The Vindicator,” will run before then, so look for that in the fall.

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Lost a friend

Nothing to do with my fiction writing, but I want to mark the passing of my old boss, Len Marchand, who died today.  He was a trail-blazer, the first “status Indian” elected to the Canadian House of Commons who became a cabinet minister in the Pierre Trudeau government and then a senator.  I was his speechwriter from 1976 to 1978 and later helped him prepare his memoirs:  Breaking Trail.

The son of illiterate parents, raised on a small reserve in the BC Interior, Len managed to go to high school when it was illegal for First Nations people to attend public schools.  He earned a BSc from UBC and a Masters from the University of Idaho and would have gone for his PhD if his friends hadn’t persuaded him to spend a couple of years in Ottawa as a minister’s assistant.  When he’d done that, they urged him to run as a sacrificial-lamb candidate against the most powerful Conservative MP in BC, just to be the first of his kind to run for Parliament.

But it was 1968, the year of Trudeaumania, and Len found himself the new Liberal MP for Kamloops.  He never did get the PhD, but he broke trail for all the other aboriginal people who followed his lead into politics.

He was a brave and intelligent man and I am proud to have known him.

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Epiphanies excerpt

Here’s the opening of Epiphanies, the latest Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, available in limited edition hardcovers and, new for one of these novellas, in an ebook.

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Epiphanies ebook

I see that Epiphanies, the latest Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, is now available as an ebook on Amazon.  The three previous Imbry novellas were all released in two limited editions (signed and unsigned), as is the latest one.  But they were not put out as ebooks.  I’ll be interested to see how Epiphanies sells.

For those who may be interested, in the story Luff is accosted by a young woman named Antheana, who claims to be his grand-niece and in need of his help on her home planet, Occitania.  Since Luff is an orphan whose origins are shrouded in mystery, he is interested enough to accompany her.  Of course, things are not what they seem and there is a mystery to unravel and a deadly peril to confront.

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