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New Raffalon story in F&SF

I’ve had an email from Charlie Finlay, editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, to tell me that my Raffalon story, “The Vindicator,” will run in the November/December issue.
This is will be the last Raffalon story to appear in F&SF. When the exclusivity period runs out in the middle of 2017, I’ll put them all together in a collection and put it out as an ebook and POD paperback.

The collection will include the seven stories that have run in the magazine, plus “The Inn of the Seven Blessings,” the original Raffalon story that appeared in the George R.R. Martin anthology, Rogues. And I’ll write a ninth story to appear exclusively in the collection.

While I’m talking about F&SF, Amazon is offering an amazing discount on an annual subscription to the ebook version. If I’m reading it right, the price is US$5 for six big double issues – which is 83 cents an issue. Five bucks for 450,000 words of fiction, plus columns, cartoons, reviews, feature articles, and some interesting classified ads – that’s the best bargain in SFF today.

Here’s a link:

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Downshift — free audio-book sample

For the past little while I’ve been working with a very talented voice artist named Bob Gonzalez who has been converting some of my novels into audio books through a packager named Listen2abook.  He’s already done my somewhat-comic suspense novel, Downshift, and it’s available on Amazon and other platforms.

In the next couple of weeks, the audio-book sequel to Downshift, Old Growth, will be on sale.  I’ve got the ebook and POD paperback editions of OG ready to go, and I’ll time them to coincide with the audio-book release.

Bob’s next project will be my sff short-story collection, Devil or Angel and Other Stories.  More on that as time goes by.

But, just as I’ve put up text excerpts of my novels as free-read teasers, we’re going to do the same with audio samples of the Listen2abook editions.

So as of today a free-to-listen sample of Downshift is on my excerpts page.  If you listen to it, you’ll get a sense of what it was like to be me as a scrabbling freelance writer on Vancouver Island in the late 1980s, with some adjustment for hyperbole – I didn’t have all that much to do with mafia-financed real estate developments.

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A Wizard’s Henchman now available for preorder

A Wizard’s Henchman is now listed as a forthcoming title from PS Publishing and is available for preorder.

It’s a science-fantasy novel originally serialized in Lightspeed Magazine under the title, The Kaslo Chronicles.   Here’s the blurb:

Erm Kaslo is at the top of his game: a hardboiled confidential operative in the ultra-high-tech civilization of The Ten Thousand Worlds that spans the entire galactic arm known as The Spray. But the universe is about to arbitrarily change its fundamental operating premise from science to magic. Technology will cease to function and all of Kaslo’s hard-won skills and abilities will be useless.

As the change nears, a handful of would-be wizards are jockeying for position in the coming race for supremacy, squabbling over the few ancient books and paraphernalia that survive from the long-forgotten age when magic last ruled the cosmos.  Kaslo goes to work for Diomedo Obron, a wealthy dilettante with more money than common sense who hopes to emerge as a powerful thaumaturge.

But there’s worse to come: an ancient evil has been biding its time for millennia, waiting for the age of science to end. Now, its moment finally arrived, it reaches out from another plane to strike with deadly force. And only Kaslo can stop it—if he can live long enough.

The novel is available in two editions:  an unsigned, jacketed hardcover for £20 (US$27) and a signed, jacketed edition of 100 copies for £35 (US$46).  Being PS editions, the quality will be first-rate.

A petite avian has told me that both books have arrived in the PS warehouse so any preorders ought to be filled fairly quickly.  There will also be an ebook at some point, though I don’t know the price.

I haven’t got a jpeg of the final cover art yet, but I’ll post one when I do.

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WorldCon membership(s) for sale

I was planning to attend WorldCon in Kansas City next month but I’ve had a long conversation with my enlarged prostate and the result is I won’t be going.  So I have an attending membership to sell.

In fact, such is the appalling state of my memory these days that I recently discovered I have two such memberships, since I apparently acquired a second one about two months after I bought the first.

The current rate for attending memberships is US$210.  Any reasonable offers will be accepted.

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Epiphanies ebook

I see that Epiphanies, the latest Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, is now available as an ebook on Amazon.  The three previous Imbry novellas were all released in two limited editions (signed and unsigned), as is the latest one.  But they were not put out as ebooks.  I’ll be interested to see how Epiphanies sells.

For those who may be interested, in the story Luff is accosted by a young woman named Antheana, who claims to be his grand-niece and in need of his help on her home planet, Occitania.  Since Luff is an orphan whose origins are shrouded in mystery, he is interested enough to accompany her.  Of course, things are not what they seem and there is a mystery to unravel and a deadly peril to confront.

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