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SF Signal interview

John DeNardo has interviewed me on SF Signal.

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The Compleat Guth Bandar

The Compleat Guth BandarThe Compleat Guth Bandar

I’ve self-published all of the Guth Bandar stories that ran in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction a few years ago, including the Nebula-nominated novella, “The Helper and his Hero.”

The stories were later assembled into a fix-up novel, The Commons, but these are the original texts that appeared in F&SF.

The Compleat Guth Bandar is available as a $2.99 ebook from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and the Archonate bookstore.

Here’s the blurb:
In Old Earth’s penultimate age, humanity’s collective unconscious has long since been fully explored and mapped by the noönaut scholars of the Institute for Historical Inquiry.  But something is threatening the integrity – perhaps even the very existence – of the noösphere, and aspiring academic Guth Bandar finds his career plans diverted by a collective unconscious that appears to be waking up.

And here’s a link to one of the stories.

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Compleat Guth Bandar coming soon

I’ve gone through all the Guth Bandar stories that appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction  between 2004 and 2007, assembling them into a collection: The Compleat Guth Bandar.  I’ve turned the text over to my excellent ebook designer, Bradley Schenck;  I’ve arranged an ISBN;  and I’ve asked the inestimable artist Ben Baldwin for a cover.  If all goes well, by March, we should have an ebook.  Like the others, it will sell for $2.99.

Guth Bandar was a key character in Black Brillion (Tor, 2004), but I didn’t have enough room in that book to tell the full story of his career as a noönaut (an explorer of the collective unconscious).  So I wrote a series of stories that told how he came to be an unwilling helper to the somewhat tragic hero of Black Brillion, Baro Harkless.

The stories were later stitched together to make the novel The Commons, but The Compleat Guth Bandar comprises the magazine stories in in their original form.  The collection includes “The Helper and His Hero,” which was shortlisted for a Nebula Award in the novella category.

One of the stories, “A Little Learning,” is available for a free read in my excerpts.

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First chapter of Old Growth

The first chapter of Old Growth, a mystery novel, is now available for a free read.

It’s the sequel to Downshift, my 1997 mystery, published originally by Doubleday Canada and rereleased last year by Five Rivers Publishing.  Both novels follow the trials and tribulation of Sid Rafferty, who is kind of an alter ego of mine — a freelance speechwriter living on Vancouver Island in the 1990s, though he gets into more trouble than I usually did.

Official publication date is March 1, but the ebook version is already available on Amazon.

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Locus poll now open

The Locus magazine annual poll is now taking input.  If anyone wanted to vote for my two novelettes that are on the recommended reading list, I wouldn’t object.
You don’t have to be a subscriber, either


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