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WorldCon membership(s) for sale

I was planning to attend WorldCon in Kansas City next month but I’ve had a long conversation with my enlarged prostate and the result is I won’t be going.  So I have an attending membership to sell.

In fact, such is the appalling state of my memory these days that I recently discovered I have two such memberships, since I apparently acquired a second one about two months after I bought the first.

The current rate for attending memberships is US$210.  Any reasonable offers will be accepted.

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Epiphanies ebook

I see that Epiphanies, the latest Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, is now available as an ebook on Amazon.  The three previous Imbry novellas were all released in two limited editions (signed and unsigned), as is the latest one.  But they were not put out as ebooks.  I’ll be interested to see how Epiphanies sells.

For those who may be interested, in the story Luff is accosted by a young woman named Antheana, who claims to be his grand-niece and in need of his help on her home planet, Occitania.  Since Luff is an orphan whose origins are shrouded in mystery, he is interested enough to accompany her.  Of course, things are not what they seem and there is a mystery to unravel and a deadly peril to confront.

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Creative Ink Writers’ Festival

The weekend of May 6 to 8, I’ll be doing panel and blue-pencil work and presenting a workshop at the Creative Ink writers’ festival at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre, In Burnaby, BC, where I went to high school and university, all those years ago.

I’m doing three panels:

  • Getting Started – how to begin a writing project. It’s on Friday, May 6, at 4 p.m.
  • Creating Believable Characters – tricks and techniques to take the cardboard out of characters. That’s on Saturday, May 7, at 10 a.m.
  • Adding Mystery to Your Fiction – there are different rules for writing mysteries compared to other genre categories. Saturday, May 7, at noon

The workshop is Elements of Story. I’ll run through the basics of story mechanics then we’ll make up a story or two from the usual components. Saturday, May 7, at 6 p.m.

On Sunday, May 8, from noon, I’ll be doing Blue-Pencil Café, a standard part of writers conferences. Individual writers bring a pro author, editor, or agent a few pages of their work and get an instant critique. Tip: it’s best to bring me the opening pages of a novel or short story. I can tell a lot (and often help a lot) from an opening.

I’m not the only attraction at Creative Ink. Guests of Honour are bestselling author Carrie Vaughan and World Fantasy Award-nominated artist Galen Dara. Good old Robert J. Sawyer, who always gives excellent value for money at writers’ conferences, will deliver a keynote speech.

This project is the brainchild of my SF Canada colleague, Sandra Wickham, who deserves a medal and a big slice of cake for putting her heart into helping other writers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the conference sells out, so get over to the website now and sign up.

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“Loser” — a free read

I’m normally apolitical in my fiction. It’s hard to take a political stance on the activities of fantasy-world wizards and far-future master criminals.  The issue would be abstruse at best.

But the current situation in the American political scene has intruded upon my awareness to such an extent that I just had to write a “what-if” story that I was pretty sure wasn’t going to sell to any of my usual markets, the pro magazines. For one thing, they work on lead times of up to a year, and this story might turn from a what-if to an alternative-history piece any weekend now. For another, if it comes true, having published it might be a real problem.

So, having bounced it off two mags, I thought I would just offer it as a free read to anyone who’s interested. Please don’t send me tweets and emails. It’s out of my system and I’m happy to see it go.

It’s called “Loser” and you can read it here.

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Epiphanies cover art

Here’s the cover art for “Epiphanies,” the fourth (and I think final) Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing.  It’s by Ben Baldwin, who has done the covers for the previous three novellas as well as some of my self-published backlist books.  I think he captures the feel of the Imbry stories perfectly.

Epiphanies cover

I think we’re going to do a launch of the novella at Eastercon (Mancunicon) in Manchester in late March.  I’ll update with more info as I get it.

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