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The name I answer to is Matt Hughes. I write fantasy and suspense fiction. To keep the two genres separate, I now use my full name, Matthew Hughes, for fantasy, and the shorter form for the crime stuff. I also write media tie-ins as Hugh Matthews.

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Sold another novel

I’ve sold The Kaslo Chronicles, the science-fantasy novel serialized in Lightspeed, to PS Publishing.  It should be out in limited editions next year.

If you can’t wait that long, all the episodes of the novel (except for the last) can be found in Lightspeed‘s archives.  The final episode will be available for a free read on May 26.

The PS editions will probably contain some new material.  This was the first time I’ve ever serialized a novel and, like Dickens, I was writing and sending in the episodes as they were written.  That means I couldn’t go back and add something to Chapter 2 to fit with something I didn’t think of until Chapter 7.  Also, at 74,000 words, it’s a bit short.

I’m going to read it for the first time in the next couple of weeks to see where it can take some additions and general tweaking.


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Final episode of Kaslo

The final episode of The Kaslo Chronicles is now available for purchase in the May issue of Lightspeed Magazine.  Or you can wait until May 26, when it will be posted for a free read.

I’m going to take a look at it over the next little while — I’ve never actually read it as one continuous story — and get it into shape for publication as a novel.


The rare publisher’s copy of Of Whimsies and Noubles, a Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, has completed its auction on Ebay.  The winning bid was £62 (about US$97), which is very gratifying.  The proceeds will go to Nepal earthquake relief.  I’m waiting for the organizers to tell me where to send the book.

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Whimsies/Noubles Ebay Auction Still Ongoing

The Ebay auction for the rare publisher’s copy of Of Whimsies and Noubles still has three days to run. There have been twelve bids and the highest now is £41. Proceeds go to relief for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

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Free shipping

The Ebay listing for the donated limited-edition copy of Of Whimsies and Noubles says it will only ship to a UK buyer.  The organizer can’t change that, but it ain’t so.  I’m the shipper and I will send the book, postage free, to whoever buys it.

The Ebay link again.

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Whimsies and Noubles to aid Nepal

In an effort to aid the Nepalese after the devastating earthquake, something called Authors for Nepal has asked folks like me to donate books to be auctioned on Ebay. I’ve offered a signed copy of Of Whimsies and Noubles, the limited edition (100 copies) Luff Imbry novella from PS Publishing, which came out last year.

This is a highly collectible title, being not only a signed hardcover, but what’s called a publisher’s copy: one of only a handful of extras produced beyond the 100-copy limit. Technically, that makes it very rare indeed.

I’ve only just now been told that the book is up for auction, which closes on Friday. When I checked the Ebay listing, I saw that there were no bids and the asking price was 10 pounds.

If anyone’s interested, here’s where to go.

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